Life can be frantic; food doesn't have to be. 

As a mum juggling family and work, I know how much pressure there is to try to be perfect. But for me, a laid-back lunch shared with family or friends is so much more satisfying than a fussy four-course meal.

It’s not about cooking everything from scratch, either. Life’s too short. And these days, I’m happy to say, there’s just no need. How’s this for a lazy-but-lovely Saturday lunch? One of our cauliflower cheese & broccoli quiches, a bowl of those nice griddled artichokes from the deli counter and a thrown-together salad. Or if you happen to be eating alone, it could be as simple as a chicken pot pie and some quickly steamed greens.

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For me, this is what Higgidy is all about. It’s not about striving for perfection. It’s about being a bit crafty, improvising – and feeling good, not guilty.

Besides, the slightly burned edges of a roast potato, or the gooey, undercooked middle of a chocolate fudge brownie: these are the good bits! Let’s celebrate them in all their imperfect glory. 

After all, the best things in life are always a bit Higgidy.

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