We've always believed that no good food should go to waste. That's why we've been donating any extra pies, quiches and rolls to FareShare since we first started out back in 2004. 

Fast forward to today, and we continue to support the brilliant work that FareShare does, with our local team at FareShare Sussex collecting surplus stock from us on a weekly basis.

But why do you have extra pies, quiches and rolls?

We have a great team at Higgidy who work with the supermarkets to ensure that we're meeting demand and not making more pies than we need to. However, sometimes, it can just happen that we have some stock leftover and this is when we call our good friend Rob and the team at FareShare Sussex to stop by and collect any extras from us. This could be due to bad weather disrupting the smooth delivery of our products to stores, or it could even be that a box of quiches turns out looking a little too 'Higgidy' - it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the products we donate, they just haven't been able to make their way to the shelves. 

So what does FareShare do with the donated stock?

FareShare do a lot with the stock that's donated but primarily, it's all about redistributing food to those who need it most. Whether that's contributing to food banks, delivering food parcels to families or using donated food to create delicious hot meals for those who might be struggling. They provide additional support too, providing much needed assistance and advice to local communities across the UK. They really are a lifeline. 

Click here to visit the FareShare website and find out more. If you're keen to, you can also get involved yourself, either via making a donation or volunteering to help as a driver or assistant.

Keep an eye out for other activities that we run with FareShare - from British Pie Week celebrations to competitions, giveaways and more.