Every ingredient in our kitchen comes from a farmer or supplier we know and trust. Chicken and eggs are always British and always free range.

When it comes to our meat and fish, all our beef is Red Tractor approved, a benchmark for animal welfare and traceability, whilst our pork is reared to outdoor bred standards and our smoked salmon is sustainably sourced from fisheries here in the UK and overseas.

The cardboard in our packaging is certified sustainable by the FSC, and our plastic trays are 100% recycled (and recyclable). You may also spot some of our recipes in paper trays - this is something we're now hoping to roll out across our range.

Like all good cooks, we hate waste. Leftover food will only see a bin if it’s not safe to eat – and we make regular donations to our local food banks, such as the brilliant Fareshare.

For more info on our approach to sourcing, sustainability, recycling and food waste, have a read through our FAQs.

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