If you'd like to sell Higgidy products in your shop, deli, cafe, pub restaurant, sandwich stall, or anywhere else where people appreciate a proper pie, we'd love to help you out. We put together this little guide to help you buy wholesale Higgidy in your region.

In the South

In the south of England and the Midlands we supply wholesale through our distribution partner Southover Foods. All of our pies and quiches are available, plus a few surprises like 12 inch cutting quiches and some extra pies. Southover distribute over most of England (though not sadly Scotland or Wales yet). 

In the North

If you operate in the north of England you might prefer to work with Stratford Fine Foods. They are able to deliver to more places in the north than Southover but carry a very slightly restricted range. They deliver nationally, with the exception of Devon, Cornwall, west of Cardiff and north of Edinburgh.