Summer parties should be an enjoyable experience for all but can sometimes seem a bit daunting when you are the host. So, we’ve got a few little tricks to help you pull off the best summer soirees this year.

Bulk up on your baking

A simple yet delicious recipe, made in bulk will be your best friend this summer. Take our Three Ways Tartine recipe for example. These nifty nibbles can be made with multiple toppings and are easy enough to just whip up, batch after batch. This recipe is perfect too for adding a bit of colour and sophistication to any spread, catering for veggies and non-veggies alike.

Simply stock up on your puff pastry making or baking more than you need – you can always pop it in the freezer for another time or use leftovers to make a sweet treat, like our Hearts Full of Fruit.

Food that is easy to pick up and pop in your mouth is also a good tactic for avoiding too much mess and having to dish out all your cutlery!

Sharing is Caring

There’s no shame in asking guests to bring a little something along to your summer parties. Whether it be a sharing bag of crisps, some fresh fruit, or a pack of our Snacking or Sharing range. Little extras can really make a difference. Plus, it’s guaranteed that there will be something that everyone will enjoy and sometimes offers opportunity to try new things!

Our Go To Quick Tips

  1. Prepare ahead where you can – anything that you can make in advance and store will save you stress; giving you more time to enjoy partying with your nearest and dearest.
  2. Creating pitchers of drinks for guests to help themselves to will always work wonders. To save time and mess making ice-cubes, create an ice-block that you can just plonk in a jug. This will melt slower than individual cubes and will save one poor victim having all the cubes fall into their cup!
  3. If you’ve got nibbles that have the potential to be messy, such as ice-pops, popping a decorative cake case on the bottom of the stick can be a great way to avoid any drops – either on clothing or your prized furniture. 
  4. Presentation can gain you more than a few brownie points as the host-with-the-most. A well laid out spread will wow your guests and will make your food look even more appetizing - raising your hosting game. A trusteed example of this is popping selections of nibbles on a large wooden chopping board in the centre of your table, building them up in a layered pile. Then scatter the remaining food around, drawing focus to the masterpieces you’ve created (or bought!) in the middle.
  5. For any last-minute party plans, we’re always here to provide a Higgidy helping hand, so pop a quiche in the oven and some rolls on a platter for a quick and delicious food fix.

All in all, summer parties are to be enjoyed by everyone and we hope that these little tricks will add a bit more flair to your soirees whilst also making it a breeze to host.


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