Summer is officially in full swing and keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge. But never fear, we’ve got you covered with some Higgidy-tested tips and ideas for making the holidays a breeze.

Foodie Hacks

We wouldn’t quite be Higgidy if we didn’t recommend that you a spend your summer picnicking. A way to make these a bit more exciting is to take a secret treat for a blind taste test recommended by Mark our Managing Director (perhaps a Higgidy sausage or veggie roll could work well here!). Get everyone to close their eyes, or use a blindfold, then give a little taste of the treat and take it in turns to guess the flavours. This can be a fun activity and you can even reward a prize for the closest guess.

A way to pep up your picnic with ease without a whole day of preparation is to get the kids involved. Do a food shop and get all sorts of foodie bits that they will enjoy, then spend a morning making up your picnic hamper together. You can create a sandwich station, a snack station and a treat station around your kitchen, making sure you’ve covered all foodie bases. This can cause a little mess but will be sure to get the kids excited for the picnic ahead - and minimises prepping time!

Keep it local!

Utilising your local area can be a great way for saving money and time spent travelling to various destinations over the summer. Researching local events, fetes or shows close to you can be your best friend for entertaining days out. They’re often reasonably cheap with just a little fee on the door or gate. An example of this is the Loxwood Joust suggested by Iain from our Planning team which features historical re-enactments, stalls, food and music – providing a whole host of entertainment. This is also a great way to team up with friends and family, creating long lasting memories whilst doing something slightly out of the ordinary.

Alysha our Food Director suggested studying local public transport timetables to get you from your home to your day-out-destination. Taking a slightly different route than just hopping in the car can make something feel like more of an adventure. Compiling a list of transport routes to local destinations is something that you can simply tick off as the summer passes by. For example, our hometown of Shoreham-by-Sea has some brilliant bus and train routes all along the south coast, giving us dozens upon dozens of opportunities for day trips out.

Abi, our Head of People, has been trialling a perfect evening in activity with her kids. She suggests investing in a projector that can be hooked up to a laptop or DVD player, then projecting this onto a wall in the back garden creating an outside cinema for the whole family. You can bring out blankets and snacks for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t quite have the space for this outside, this can also be brought indoors and you can spend the afternoon making a den, ready for an evening movie showing.

Whilst these summer hacks are primarily for the kids, they are also rather fun for big kids too. We hope that a little insight into our worlds can prove useful for getting you and the kids through the rest of this summer. Remember you can also #DoPicnicsProud by picking up a pack of Higgidy and entering your code for a chance to win a MINI Clubman – now that would be a perfect end of summer treat.


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