We care about the environment and all the cardboard we use to make our packaging is FSC certified. We also work hard to make sure all parts of our packaging are recyclable, so we thought you might like to know a little more about this.


What materials do we use in our packaging and how should they be recycled?

The plastic tray should be recycled alongside plastic bottles. To recycle our boxes, you’ll need to separate the window film from the cardboard box – the cardboard should then be recycled alongside your paper and card waste, and the window film should be recycled alongside plastic bottles or in facilities where TetraPak is recycled. The wrapping film that we use on some of our products is also recycled alongside plastic bottles or TetraPak.


Why put a window in your boxes?

We work hard to make the best possible pies and quiches and you (our customers) tell us that you love to see as much of the food you’re buying as possible. We want to celebrate this, rather than hiding our pies and quiches inside a box. 


Why not use recycled board to make your boxes?

Despite the processes used during recycling, unfortunately recycled board is not considered safe to use for direct food contact packaging. It’s also important that we design our boxes using a material that protects our food during chilled storage and transportation.