As quiche connoisseurs and frittata fanatics, we’re all about taking picnics up a notch or two. But this summer, we’ve made it our mission to help you have the best picnics ever with our top tips for avoiding picnic pitfalls. 

1. The soggy sarnie
The grass might be damp, but your sandwiches needn’t be. Our top tip is to use crusty rolls instead of sliced bread. The outside layer is nice and sturdy, which helps with structural integrity (very important). Lots of butter is a must, too (think water-proof layer). Oh, and no tomatoes.

2. The limp salad
Salads should be vibrant affairs, but balmy weather can conspire against that. Our advice is to ditch the lettuce in favour of hardier ingredients such as thinly sliced fennel, shredded red cabbage and blanched green beans. Each has just enough crunch to withstand an hour or two in a dressing, even on a warm day.

3. The warm nibbles 
Once you’ve tried this top tip, sweaty cheese and lukewarm fizz will be a thing of the past. Wait for it… frozen bottled water. Just pop some smallish bottles in with the things you want to keep cool. Bonus: once they start to defrost, you’ll have lots of ice-cold water to drink!

4. The pre-picnic meltdown
Picnics should be jovial occasions, but it’s hard to be jolly when you’ve been up since 7am slaving over a batch of homemade chorizo Scotch eggs and a Victoria sponge. Instead, why not pick up some quality pre-made bits the night before? Bread, salami, olives, artichokes and a decent shop-bought frittata maybe (ahem).

5. The cheese conundrum
We’ve all been there: the cheese is hard (Cheddar), the knife is soft (plastic) and the plate is softer still (paper). Well, unless you want to end up playing “take a bite and pass it on” with the Tickler’s Extra Mature (which could be fun, to be fair), we’d recommend pre-sliced hard cheese (yes, really). Or go for a crumbly goat’s.

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