The best food always looks a bit Higgidy

From a very young age I loved to cook. I’ve always had a stack of cookbooks next to my bed that I would read late into the night, and it was this love of food that led me to start Higgidy back in 2003.

"I believe that food brings colour to our lives - it nourishes, comforts and sustains. But above all, food brings people together – it’s for sharing and celebrating. An impromptu, laidback lunch shared with family and friends, is so much more satisfying than a meticulously choreographed gourmet dinner." 

"As a mum juggling family and work, I also know how much pressure there is to try to be perfect. That’s why I never wanted Higgidy to be about precision or perfection. Because what matters is the joy of sharing delicious food with the people you love. There’s no need to worry if your napkins don’t match or your pastry isn’t perfect - in fact, the best bits of a meal are often the slightly burned edges of your roast potatoes or the gooey, undercooked middle of a chocolate fudge brownie. And that’s why I hope that we’ll continue to make delicious food that always looks a little bit Higgidy."

Camilla Stephens, Higgidy Co-Founder