Vegan team

Now that we're at the end of Veganuary, we thought we'd share a few thoughts from the team to see how they've got on this month! 

Amy, our Brand Manager :

"Veganuary has been a story of two halves for me – it’s been great experimenting with different foods and recipes and I’ve been thinking a lot more about what I’ve been eating. I also haven’t been hungry at all and it’s really helped to put a stop to afternoon snacking! However, I have found that I’ve felt quite out of sorts – having previously eaten meat and dairy, this may be due to such a drastic, quick change in my diet but I’ve definitely learnt a lot this month and will continue to eat less meat and dairy in my diet moving forward."

Simon, our Project Implementation Manager says: 

"I  wanted to try Veganuary after watching to some videos online last year. I was really surprised of the range of food I could eat, I thought it would just be salad for the month. Veganuary helped me stopped picking in the office so really helped me lose the Christmas weight."    

Steve, our Technical Manager mentions: 

"I've been surprised at how much I have enjoyed Veganuary, so much so I'm going to carry on with it even after the month has finished!"


Continue reading below to see how two members of our team felt at the beginning of Veganuary and why they decided to take up this challenge. 

Meet Beki, our Process Development Lead

(centre, left)

"I wanted to take part in Veganuary basically to see if I could do it. I LOVE cheese so that is what has always put me off trying it before, weirdly enough cheese hasn’t been the difficult one for me but finding a good yoghurt has been a struggle, it’s definitely been a yoghurt roulette. I’m surprised at the number of meals you can make vegan with such a small change, and I’m enjoying getting back into the kitchen trying new things."

Meet Amy, our Brand Manager 

(In the centre of the photo!)

"This is the first time that I’ve taken part in Veganuary. With organising lots of different activities around the launch of our new vegan range (a new vegan pie and Higgidy’s first vegan roll), I thought it would be the perfect challenge to see if I too could switch to a vegan diet for the start of the year.

I am a meat-eater but I’ve noticed that I’m now eating more veg-based meals than I ever have done before, so hopefully switching to a vegan diet won’t be much of a stretch (she says!). A few of my close friends are vegan and I think with so many different plant-based options now available in the supermarket and in restaurants, it’s much easier to be plant-based now than it ever has been in the past. However, I think milk is going to the hardest thing for me to give up – I’m a lover of tea so it’s now a case of trying all the different milk alternatives out there and seeing what works best!

For me, it’s Veganuary is a challenge and an opportunity to be more creative with what I’m cooking and eating. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot along the way too!"

It's been a really fun and insightful month for the team involved and for the wider team here at Higgidy. Seeing how each member has taken on the challenge differently. How have you found Veganuary? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so do feel free to pop us an email at,uk




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