Times are tougher for everyone right now but for some, navigating day-to-day life and putting a meal on the table is more difficult than ever before.

That’s why we’ve launched our Higgidy Helping Hand project – bringing a little touch of joy to those within our local area of West and East Sussex.

Since launching in March, we’ve already teamed up with eleven different charity initiatives and networks, as well as continuing our support of FareShare Sussex. We're thrilled to say that we've provided over 25,671 meals so far and we're hoping to donate many more throughout the foreseeable future.

Higgidy has been a supporter of FareShare since we first started out in 2003, sending any surplus pies, quiches, tortillas or rolls to the team at the Sussex warehouse where they then re-distribute donations to local food banks which ensure that food reaches those who need it most.

As you can imagine, FareShare food parcels are in greater demand right now and Chief Executive, Rob, and his team have been busy organising all of the generous donations received by local businesses and individuals, who have been able to donate food items in person or via supermarket collection points. In fact, our very own Mark G has joined the FareShare team to help manage the warehouse and ensure that all the food is safely stored and distributed.

Beyond FareShare, there are many different initiatives across Brighton, Hove and the wider Sussex area that have either been going for a number of years or have recently been set up to try and help with increasing demand for food and other essential items.

At Higgidy, we’ve been reaching out to local groups directly as part of our Higgidy Helping Hand project and are pleased to already be working with many different initiatives, including Safehaven, Justlife, Tarner Children’s Centre, Java Community Cafe, YMCA Downslink Group, Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and Chomp, as well as food banks in neighbouring Crawley and East Grinstead, which are distributed food packages in association with Age UK.

Often, many of those who require support with sourcing essential items don’t benefit from those additional little treats that we all enjoy. And that’s why our Higgidy goodie bags are aimed at providing a little additional treat to perk up mealtimes and bring a touch of joy.

Alongside pies and quiches, we’re also teaming up with local businesses and friends at partner brands to provide added little extras – from Foodini Club baking kits for kids to delicious salted caramel milkshakes from Jude’s.

We’ve also created our very own Book of Boredom Busters, including handy Higgidy crafts, puzzles, colouring sheets and trivia to help keep kids and parents entertained during lockdown – some of which will feature on our Facebook and Instagram pages too.

It’s fantastic to be able to provide support and heart-warming to see the reaction from those receiving our packages. It’s also particularly brilliant to see the whole Higgidy team get on board – from volunteers helping to pack goodie bags and deliver direct to people’s doors, to drivers dropping off packages at food banks and giving up their time to reach out to businesses who might also like to get involved. So, thank you.

We'd like to say a special thank you in particular to the following, for their wonderful donations to this project:

Judes, Cawston Press, Foodini Club, Edcumbes Coffee Roasters, Horsham Coffee Roaster, Moorish Humous, The Creation Station, Busy Brain Activity Packs, Beading Brilliant, Tropic Skincare, Easy Yoga, Ringden Farm, Lucy's Dressings, Bear Nibbles, Little Dish, The Condiment Co, Harmony at Home Children's Eco Boutique


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