Welcome to the ‘Food for Thought Club’!

We’ve created an exclusive group that we’d love you to be a part of – sharing your thoughts on all things Higgidy and helping us to make some pretty exciting (and important) decisions in the process.

Firstly, we'd like to find out a little more about you, so follow the link below to a quick questionnaire. If you’d like more information on how your data will be used, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Then please keep an eye out for one of our surveys landing in your inbox (it’s worth checking your junk folder too, just in case). We might be asking your opinion on anything from what makes the perfect pie, to what we call our next quiche and even how we at Higgidy help make the world a little greener. Simply pop us your feedback, thoughts and recommendations and we’ll take it from there. You never know, you may be the inspiration behind our next best-seller!

What's more, each month - as a little thank you from us for sharing your ideas and opinions - all members of the Higgidy ‘Food for Thought Club’ will be entered into a prize draw. You could get your hands on a number of exciting different prizes, from delicious Higgidy goodies to cracking gifts from some of our foodie friends. We will be running impromptu giveaways too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Without further ado, follow the link below and become a valued member of the Higgidy ‘Food for Thought Club’. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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