Does the meat you use in your recipes meet animal welfare standards?

Yes it does. All our chicken is free-range and comes from our suppliers at Packington in Staffordshire, who have received a Good Chicken award from Compassion in World Farming. You can find out more about their ethos here. Our bacon, ham and sausagemeat come from UK farms that rear pigs to outdoor bred welfare standards. The beef in our pies meets Red Tractor Farm approved standards – a benchmark for animal welfare and traceability. Established in 2000, Red Tractor is now the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme. You can find out more about who they are and what they do here.

Why do you not feature welfare standard logos on your packaging?

We’d love to, but our packs are small and there’s simply not enough room. That’s why we decided to create this section of the website. We hope it helps.

Is the cheese you use in your recipes made using pasteurised milk?

Yes it is.


Palm Oil

Why is palm oil a problem?

The non-sustainable, and sometimes illegal, farming of palm oil has generated a global environmental issue. With huge areas of forests regularly being burned down to make way for palm oil plantations, this has a devastating impact on plants and wildlife and affects air pollution levels too.

At Higgidy, this is an issue that we’re taking very seriously and you can find out a little more about the steps we’re taking as a business to combat this, below. 


Is the palm oil you use sustainable?

Yes. We’re an approved member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, also known as the RSPO ( This means we’re frequently audited to make sure all the palm oil we use is certified 100% sustainable - produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

All of the palm oil that we use also comes from a certified segregated supply chain, meaning that it doesn’t get mixed with un-certified oils throughout the process.

Using ethically sourced, sustainable materials and ingredients is hugely important to us at Higgidy. We’re always busy reviewing our processes and suppliers to ensure that we’re maintaining the best possible approaches for us as a business and for you, our consumers.

You can find out more about the different supply chains and the sourcing process, here:


Why not use an alternative?

We’re confident that using 100% sustainable palm oil is the best route for Higgidy at this moment in time.

Removing palm oil from products can come with its own set of problems, including; increased deforestation (to make way for lower yielding alternatives such as coconut, olive and sunflower oil) and financial implications for those who currently farm sustainable palm oil to make a living.

Other organisations, including Greenpeace, are keen to stress that it’s deforestation from the unsustainable cultivation of palm oil that generates the issue, not the palm oil itself. So similarly, it’s important for us to ensure that we understand the full picture - the production processes, implications and alternative options available, to help us make informed decisions. And, having explored these and the issues raised above, we feel there is yet to be a suitable alternative available just now.

You can find out more about other suppliers using sustainable palm oil, here:


Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about palm oil, the alternatives available and how you can play your part, there are lots of handy articles and sources of information across the web, including;



You say your packaging is recyclable. How do I go about recycling it?

Our packaging is recyclable, if you know how and where to recycle the individual parts. That’s why it carries this symbol.

Our boxes are made from cardboard, which is widely recycled. Just remove the window, flatten the box, wipe clean and recycle alongside your paper and card waste.

Our windows are a PE film, which is recyclable. Just wipe it clean and make sure it’s free of cardboard from the box. Recycle alongside carrier bags at a local supermarket collection point. You can find out what your local council does, here.  

Our trays are R-PET plastic, which is widely recycled and, in fact, already has been recycled by the time it reaches you! To recycle it again, just make sure it is clean and recycle alongside your plastic bottles.

Our film is OPP plastic and can be recycled, but only where facilities exist. Unfortunately, at the moment, these facilities are limited in the UK, which means that the film cannot currently be recycled locally. As we continue to explore the alternative materials and options available, that are not only more sustainable but also ensure the freshness and quality of our products, we will be sure to update this information on a regular basis. 

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Why do you put a window in your boxes?

We pride ourselves on our products both looking and tasting delicious, so we want to make sure you can always see the quality of the food you are buying. Plus, many people tell us they like to see as much of our products as possible, and so we’ve chosen to showcase our food, instead of hiding it away in a box.

Why not use recycled board to make your boxes?

Our main priority is to keep the people who buy our products safe and, despite the processes used during recycling, recycled board is not considered safe for direct food contact packaging. It’s also important that we design our boxes using a material that protects our food during chilled storage and transportation, to make sure it reaches you in tip top condition.

Why is there a plastic tray inside your boxes?

Our recycled (and easily recyclable) plastic trays help keep our pies, quiches, frittatas and sausage or veggie rolls in tip top condition during their journey from our kitchen to your home.

Why don’t you use a cardboard tray inside your boxes?

A cardboard tray is something we are considering and we're pleased to say that we will be trialling the use of FSC certified cardboard trays in place of our current acetate trays for some of our products, in January 2019. Providing all goes well, we are then hoping to roll this out across our range. Please keep your eyes peeled for updates. 

Do you have any certification around the materials you use? 

Yes. All our packaging is FSC certified. This means that the trees used to make our cardboard come from managed forests and, for every one that is taken down, three new ones are planted. You can read more about this here.

All our plastic is R-PET. Thorough testing has proven that R-PET plastic is the best solution for us, because not only it is fully recyclable, but it also protects our products properly and reduces our food wastage longer term. You can read more about R-PET here.