This year we’re planning to cook with and eat, more veg than ever before. This month, we’re all about the aubergines and why they should be one of the top veggies to pop in your shopping basket.

Not only are they rich in antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin C and K and low in fat, but they’re also said to be a great replacement for high-calorie ingredients when cooking - the perfect veg for blowing away any lingering winter colds!

Aubergines can be baked, grilled, roasted, sautéed, made into a side dish or, as a main itself. Their versatility makes them a great stand alone veg, or one to be combined with other components and turned into a standout dish.

They’re particularly great for if you’re trying to cut out meat or looking for a substantial alternative. In Higgidy: The Veggie Cookbook, we’ve got a scrumptious recipe for Stuffed Bulgar Aubergines with Chermoula. This is a fantastic centrepiece for a meat-free Monday as each aubergine is baked whole, then cut open and stuffed with a bulgar salad and chermoula. This creates a vibrant and fresh dish, packed full of veggie goodness, that’s bound to fill you up just as much as a Sunday roast would.

Aubergines also work incredibly well in a stew, adding extra depth and texture. Our Aubergine & Spinach Masala Pie is a shining example - filled with an aromatic stew of aubergines, red lentils and spinach. The rich chunks of aubergine absorb the flavours of the mixed spices, making them succulent and juicy when eaten. Their softness is then paired with a crisp puffed rice, date and pumpkin seed crumb to create a tasty texture contrast.

If you’re not particularly keen on aubergines in their full form (or if the kids aren’t too keen!), a fantastic way to still enjoy their veggie goodness is to turn them into a dip. You can do this by baking your aubergines, then mashing or pureeing the insides with a bit of seasoning, turning it into a thick and creamy dip that is great served with warmed pittas.

Or, if you’re looking to make some healthier swaps but still want something that feels fun and a little bit of a treat; then slice your aubergines and gently fry in batter to create your very own aubergine fritters.

The possibilities are endless, so do keep your eyes peeled for future tips, tricks and recipes for aubergines over the year and feel free to get in touch with your veg-creations via or our social media channels!  

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