Vibrantly green in colour, full of nutrients, antioxidants and it just so happens to give Popeye his super strength. Have you guessed what our Veg of the Month is? Of course, it’s spinach!

In our view, spinach is a super-veg due to the seemingly endless health benefits it is said to give and its unrivalled ability to be perfectly paired with just about anything.

Packed with Vitamin A, C, K1, folic acid and calcium; spinach is claimed to be a fantastic source of iron (which is great to eat if you are taking on Veganuary this month!) and is also said to improve eyesight and moderate blood pressure - helping you to get a bit of a health kick at the start of the year.

Cooking with spinach can be a real adventure – from smothering it in a bit of garlic butter as the perfect side to a pie, to steaming it and adding to a hearty vegetable stew. You can even use it to switch up a traditional recipe, for example, making pesto out of spinach rather than basil. It’s definitely something to pop on the weekly shopping list!

We love spinach so much that we use it in at least 16 of our recipes at Higgidy, varying from pies, to quiches to veggie rolls. Let us take you through a few of our favourites:

Most recently we’ve developed a brand-new vegan pie: Aubergine and Spinach Masala. This is such a vibrant recipe that we are so excited for you all to try. Our spinach is combined with red lentils and aubergine in an aromatic stew, creating the most sumptuous Indian-inspired pie that’s entirely plant-based too.

Our Spinach & Pine Nut Pie is one of our earliest creations and one that is a staple within in our range. It’s packed full of glorious veggie goodness and we’ve paired the spinach with creamy Greek Feta, peppers and toasted pine nuts, creating a fresh yet filling pie that we can’t keep our hands off.

We’ve found that spinach and feta work as a perfect team together and used this pairing to create our Spinach & Feta Veggie Rolls. Here, we tried out this clever combo with a hint of lemon and mint to create zingy and zesty rolls, whilst still being packed full of veg!

If you’ve got any family favourite spinach-based recipes, do let us know as we’re always looking to use it in new and different ways in our cooking! We hope that this inspires you to pop this wonderful vegetable into your diets a little bit more often and celebrate the #gloryofveg.


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