courgette cakes

As the summer months draw to a close and we are faced with the first step into Autumn, Courgette season is in its prime. This tasty and versatile vegetable has deep green skin and pale smooth flesh that will give any dish that 'wow-factor'.

The Courgette is part of the 'Curcurbit' family, along with cucumber, squash and pumpkin. It's tender and luscious texture makes it a popular addition to any recipe and the list of health benefits are rather extensive! 

This nutrient dense veg is said to have zero fat and is high in water and fibre, making it a perfect addition to the well-balanced diet that we all strive for. The green machine includes B6 vitamins, potassium and manganese minerals that are vital to the body's metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The most simple way to add the scrumptious courgette to a dish would be to slice it thinly, dress with a dash of olive oil and salt before throwing it into a salad.

However, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, our Courgetti and Ricotta Cheesecakes are a unique and scrumptious idea for your last-of-summer lunches. These little cheesecakes are filled with ricotta, peas and garden herbs to make a light and luxurious mixture whilst the 'courgetti' is a glorious way of cutting out the carbs, whilst still leaving you feeling full.

Making your own courgetti could not be simpler as the relatively soft flesh of the courgette spiralizes easily to create your filling - this is a really fun way to get your kids eating more veggies too. If you don't fancy investing in a snazzy spiralizer you can half the preparation time and grab a bag of ready made courgetti from the supermarket, good food doesn't have to break the bank.

The popularity of 'Grow Your Own' produce has increased and courgettes can be an enjoyable addition to the garden. They're easy to grow from seeds as long as they are sown in a sunny position; whether this is in the ground or in pots. Most growers tend to sow in the garden or in the greenhouse in May (so start prepping ahead of summer 2020) and the best picking times are late July/August. Developing your green fingers this way would add extra freshness to the courgettes almost guaranteeing an impressive mouth-watering meal. 

The possibilities are endless with courgettes whether you bake, fry or eat them raw they are a delightfully adaptable and delicious part of a recipe. For more yummy and exciting courgette-inspired recipes you can explore our recently released Higgidy:The Veggie Cookbook! 

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