Join us in celebrating the glory of veg...


Whether you're a long-term vegan or simply trialling a vegan diet throughout January, we're inviting you to join us as we celebrate the glory of veg!

All too often dismissed as a staple side dish, we're making it our mission to bring veggies to the forefront, taking pride of place in the centre of our plates and, what better time to start, than Veganuary 2020?

To mark the launch of our first-ever vegan roll - Miso Mushroom - and new special guest vegan pie  - Aubergine & Spinach Masala - we're sending all new vegan newsletter subscribers our Higgidy 'how-to' guide to Veganuary. .

Featuring recipe downloads and tips and tricks from Higgidy Founder, Camilla Stephens, alongside an exclusive discount, the Higgidy 'how-to' guide is here to help bring some added veg-spiration to your everyday suppers and recipe repertoire. 

What's more, by signing up, you'll also also receive regular news updates on our new vegan recipes (of which there are already a few in the pipeline...!) 

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