Having some trouble entering our picnic competition? Here's our handy guide to making the process as smooth as possible...

1. Where's my unique code?

Each of our promotional packs (these packs have an illustration of a MINI on the front) features a unique 7-digit code printed in red ink on the inner side of the tray or box. Please open the pack up completely, as you would before recycling, and the code will be clearly visible. 

You may alternatively find a small red sticker with a MINI illustration on some of our quiche packs - if you peel this sticker, you will find your unique code on the reverse. 

2. Why is my code not being accepted?

Please ensure that you are entering the correct code. On each of our boxes, there are a few different codes, including the barcode and a packaging reference (which starts with MP-), so please make sure you are using the code printed inside the tray or box that is 7-digits in length and printed in red ink. 

Each unique code can only be entered once, so please make sure that you are not re-entering a code that you have already used. 

No codes have spaces between digits and please also ensure that there is not a space at the beginning or end of the code sequence.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please share your unique code and a screenshot of the error message with us via thekitchen@higgidy.co.uk. 

3. Why are my details not being accepted?

To enter, we require you to enter your unique code, email address and check the terms & conditions tick box. Please ensure that you have completed all of these fields before submitting your entry. 

Please also ensure that there are no spaces within the unique code entry box or the email entry box. 

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please share a screenshot of the error message with us via thekitchen@higgidy.co.uk. 

4. I have won a hamper but haven't received a confirmation email. When should I hear from you? 

The team at Todhunter, who provide our prize hampers, receive winner details weekly so you can expect a confirmation email within 7 working days. Your prize will then be sent out to you within 14 working days. 

5. Why have I not received a discount coupon?

If you haven't been a lucky winner, you will receive a 50p discount coupon from us via the email address you used to enter the competition. 

This email will come from 'Higgidy Win a Mini Competition' and may go into your junk, spam or clutter folders, so please do check these.

6. Why do I need to download print@home software to print my discount coupon? 

We work with a reputable coupon house, Valassis, for all of our coupon distribution, including the print@home coupons that you will have received via this competition. As posting coupons is not a secure or time-effective option, we have been assured that the print@home software is the most secure option available and as such, this is why you are required to download this app before printing. 

Please be assured that this is a trusted piece of software and you are welcome to uninstall/remove it from your device after printing. To do so, simply check your list of installed programs (via settings or control panel) and look for 'Secure print@Home' (it has an orange thumbnail symbol) and then click, 'uninstall'. 

7. Why is my voucher not printing? 

Due to security, you are only able to attempt to print your discount voucher once, so we ask that you ensure that you're connected to a printer before pressing the 'print' button. 

We also recommend printing via a laptop or PC as opposed to a phone or tablet, due to connection issues. 

If you are connected to a printer but still experience difficulty printing, please forward your email on to us at thekitchen@higgidy.co.uk and we will look into this for you. 

Good luck! 


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