We all have food that we find hiding in the back of our fridge and this British Pie Week we, along with the help of FareShare, are here to inspire you and help turn what could be waste into something wonderful…pies (and sides)!

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of good food is wasted every year. The lovely people at FareShare have made it their mission to redistribute as much food waste as possible. Sharing surplus food items generated by UK businesses with those in need, they’re helping to fight hunger across the nation. However, it doesn’t just stop here, there’s also steps we can all take individually to minimise the amount of food that goes to waste.

Here are some of our top tips and tricks to making the most of food that would otherwise be binned.

Food savvy supper clubs

Food is best enjoyed when shared with others (well, we think so anyway). So why not get everyone in on the action and host your very own supper club? Take the hassle out of playing host and invite everyone attending to take a look in the fridge, cupboard or freezer and create a dish using the food that they find. Whether it’s something simple like a Spring Veg Salad, sprinkled with shavings of that last chunk of cheese, to a more adventurous main, like a garden vegetable stew, made by creating your very own veg stock. It’s the perfect way to put on a delicious spread and gives everyone a sense of achievement too.

spring veg salad

The secret’s in the storage

If it sometimes feels like the food you bought at the start of the week has soon gone off come Friday, then you might want to check how it’s being stored. For example, keeping fruit in the fridge can help to ensure that it stays fresh, but did you know that bananas give off a certain gas that causes other fruit and veggies to ripen quickly? Make sure that you keep these separate from other foods that could get spoiled too soon. Did you also know that many household fridges are set at too high a temperature, potentially causing food to go off quicker than it should? The optimum temperature should actually be between 3-5°C, so check that dial!

Always plan ahead

We don’t know about you, but food is always on our minds so this one isn’t particularly tricky. However, once you’re in the supermarket, meal plans can often go out of the window as you’re confronted by a whole host of tempting treats and offers. But our top tip here is to try to set out suppers in advance – using recipes from the web or magazines for inspiration, ensuring a mix of veggie-based meals with some more indulgent treats here and there. It doesn’t have to be fancy but planning meals in advance helps to ensure that you’re eating the food that you’re buying and that you’re purchasing the ideal amounts too.

If you’re searching for some inspiration for quick, faff-free meals throughout the week, our cookbooks and recipes on the Higgidy website is a great place to start. Our Cherry Tomato Focaccia makes for a delicious lunchtime nibble (and it can be frozen too!) whilst our Feel-good Chicken & Mushroom Pie can be made using the Sunday roast leftovers.

focaccia recipe