Whether you love the soggy gravy drenched pastry on the bottom of your pie or the crispy baked pastry on the top, nothing beats the versatility of a lovingly made good British pie” - Camilla

Pies, or ‘pyes’ as they were originally named, are a part of who we are at Higgidy (our biological make-ups are in fact 5% pie!). Because we love it so much, and because it’s National Pie Day; we thought we’d share our top reasons for loving pie!

1. A World of Unlimited Fillings – The Pie Is the Limit

There is no shortage of fillings that can go into a pie, from a classic chicken and ham to a more unusual filling such as Paneer, Coconut and Spiced Chickpea. The perfect filling comes from the heart and imagination. Take our spin on the classic steak and ale pie for example; the classic flavours were strong favourites in our hearts and with a little bit of imagination, we created our own version. A slow cooked beef and mushroom stew with Sussex ale topped with a grainy mustard mash and spiked with a tangy Tuxford and Tebbutt Stilton to create our own delicious twist (take a look here if you fancy).

We strongly believe in a generous helping of fillings, rich in seasoning, spices and substance that have been slowly cooked to perfection. Adding that unexpected twist here and there can really make something special. For example, our Ciabatta and Thyme Crumb that sits on top of our Cauliflower Cheese Pie creates a whole new texture to enhance the rest of the already scrumptious pie. We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with flavoursome fillings and this always leads to wonderful results. Pairing flavours that we love, even if they sound slightly unconventional at first, can really pay off and result in a delicious creation when everything falls nicely into place.

2. For the love of Pastry

A pie would not be a pie without the holy grail that is pastry. From shortcrust to filo, you can’t go wrong here.

We love shortcrust for its buttery-goodness. A strong yet tasty wall that encloses the filling inside. Its versatility makes it practical for almost any pie – sweet or savoury. We also love adding seeds, spices and herbs into the pastry to add an extra kick of texture and flavour. Sometimes, even adding a little bit of cheese to create a beautiful golden baked colour.

We wouldn’t be professional pie-makers if we didn’t also use puff pastry in some of our recipes. We don’t think we could live without its light but rich structure. Watching the pastry puff up in an oven is a work of art and a sight we love to see. (Mainly because that means it’s nearly time to eat!).

Filo is also wonderful, allowing us to create beautiful decorations that are just as enjoyable to eat as they are to look at. Take our Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Pie for example; the flaky filo that tops it adds an edge of elegance to the pie, but once devoured leaves the stomach smiling with glee. Beauty is in the pie of the beholder! 

3. Live Free, Pie Hard

We believe in a balanced diet. One balanced between pies, and quiches.

All puns aside, it’s good to be health conscious but to also treat yourself. Pies are not designed to give you a health kick, but neither are they the worst thing that you can eat. There is no reason to hold back when eating one; pile in the ingredients and relish in the creamy, gooey or chunky goodness that they create. Then to create a balanced meal, we love to pair our pies with either a fresh, pretty salad or perhaps some delicious roasted butternut squash wedges. Pies are treats to be treasured. 

In a pie-shell, the possibilities of pies are endless. We’ve come a long way from the Roman’s rye-crusted goat cheese and honeypie and who knows what pies we’ll create in the future. We strongly believe in the power of pie for warming hearts and souls. Not only in the cold, winter months, but all year round. Whether you’re eating a steaming hot pie after a tricky day at work or sharing one whilst catching up with your other half, they can make any situation better and leave you feeling full, refreshed and ready to take on the world with your pie power.


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