For those interested in making the switch to a vegan diet, Veganuary is a great time to begin the transition – or just to try it for the month to see how it suits you. However, changing diets is no simple task, so we’ve compiled a short list of small changes that can set you on your way.

1. Try a new milk

We’re very lucky to live in a time where our food and drink industry is constantly growing and advancing. If, like the staff at Higgidy, you’re a big tea drinker, why not try a new type of milk to cut out part of your dairy intake. Oat milk, almond milk and hazelnut milk are just a few of the alternatives to regular cows’ milk. They’re also quite tasty and may add a hint of something new to your tea (or coffee!). Starting off with using different milk in your tea or coffee is a great way to get your body and taste buds adjusted to the change. You’ll be pouring it on your morning cereal before you know it!

2. What to do if you're a big meat eater

If you eat a lot of meat but are worried that you’ll miss it going vegan, we’ve got some super tips for you. It’s sometimes helps to cut meat out slowly and in a controlled way rather than going cold-turkey (excuse the pun!). So, for example, if you eat meat 7 days a week, start by cutting it out for two. Then slowly cut this down over a period of time depending on how easy or difficult you’re finding the transition. Our supermarkets are filled with all sorts of vegan treats nowadays and so there will be plenty for you to substitute for meat. Come to think of it, we have just released our first vegan pie – our Creamy Mushroom and Kale pie. This would be an ideal treat on a ‘meat free Monday’.

3. Try a new spread

Butter is a staple ingredient in most diets – from its use in baking to simply smothering it on toast. Thankfully, there are several types of vegan substitutes, which will let you cut out the dairy but keep the creamy goodness. They work just as well when baking and will still make your morning toast delicious!

4. Get Creative

Making a transition to becoming vegan can be a wonderful time to get creative. The internet is a wonderful host to recipes and inspiration and so are the people around you. Read, talk and search for new things to try.  Taste a new ingredient or actively look for a vegan alternative to what you’d normally eat. We’ve got a great recipe for a Salted Cashew Nut Butter which is a delicious substitute for things like sour cream or dairy-filled dips and it is also super simple to make. You can have a read about it here.

These four points aren’t going to make you a fully-fledged vegan but, if it’s something that you are interested in, then it’s a jolly good way to start making the transition. Always remember to include the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates in your diet and most importantly, to enjoy what you are eating! If it turns out it’s not for you, then that’s ok, but you never know until you try and — who knows — you might just find your next foodie passion!




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