The lull between Christmas and the new year can be a perfect opportunity to get out and try something a bit different. We love a good picnic and believe that they are suitable all year round if you pack the right ingredients. So, we have compiled a punchy to help you do winter picnicking to its full potential.

First and foremost, grab yourself some quiches. They’re tasty and can be transferred to almost any terrain. So, whether you’re sitting in the mud with some local live stock or find yourself a quaint bench by a river, a quiche is a great option for something to fill the soul. Come to think of it, our little Brie and Spiced Chutney Quiche would work rather well.

Secondly take plenty to drink. There’s nothing worse than a cold drink on an even colder day so fill a flask with some tea or coffee to keep you warm. If you fancy going a little further, how about a flask of mulled wine or mulled cider? This would also go perfectly with a little box of gingerbread men who are tasty, leave little mess and may help you to befriend some local wildlife.

We all go through the ‘new year, new me’ stage and it’s a great opportunity to switch up what you eat. A great remedy for this would be our Brussels Sprouts Raw Slaw which you can simply pop in a Tupperware and transport wherever you go. It’s lighter and puts Brussels to a very good use!

Left overs can come in very handy for a picnic. If you’ve got leftover turkey, other meat (or meat substitutes!) or cheese and crackers, why not create a transportable platter? Simply grab some grapes and small pot of chutney and you’ll be fine dining amongst nature.

Last but not least you need something sweet in a picnic. As mentioned earlier, gingerbread men would go down a treat but so would a batch of home-made cupcakes. You could add a hint of cinnamon or cranberry to create that festive flavour. Nothing beats something home-made especially when eaten amongst our beautiful countryside.

It may seem slightly daunting to go out for a picnic in this cold season, your neighbours may think you’re mad and you will most definitely need your wellies. However, a crisp winter day combined with a beautiful walk and great food will let out all of the cobwebs from the past year and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next one!


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