Higgidy Homity Pies

Higgidy Homity Pies

25th of May 2011

It's National Vegetarian Week, so we thought we'd do something a little bit special. These Homity Pies were invented by the Land Girls in the Second World War using the ingredients they could grow in the fields. We've updated them a little to make them extra delicious.

You might not know, but about half of the pies and quiches we make are vegetarian. We've also been approved by the Vegetarian Society, who are lovely.

We hope you enjoy our little homities, you can buy them in packs of two in Waitrose...

Should we keep making out new Higgidy Homity Pies?


Angela W. said:

Yes do keep making your Homity Pies they are delicious and I am quite devasted when I can’t
order any from Ocado!

20th of May 2012

Lynne T. said:

We love Homity Pie!

31st of August 2011

Trevor Potten said:

Oh Please make some more Homity pies. No one sells them any more. I tried Waitrose and they ‘have no demand’. Of course Cranks are no more so no hope there. I have made my own but yours are so good and easier.

Please Please tell me where I can get them.
Best …Trevor

8th of August 2011

Hannah said:

Yes, please keep making them.

3rd of July 2011

David Chow said:

Should you continue to make it? Hell yes. I just found it in Waitrose and snapped it up straight away. Delicious.

11th of June 2011

Jan Graham said:

Keep up the good work! I love your pies. The Vegetarian ones especially (I am one – a Vege, not a pie!)

I always feel that your products are made with love and with a genuine commitment to quality. The “limited edition” pies are also a brilliant idea. Thank you

9th of June 2011

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